Intuitive Investigator Series, Book OneWelcome!

INTUITIVE INVESTIGATOR is a true crime series by Deanne Acuña, a Los Angeles private investigator.

LOSING LISA – Intuitive Investigator: Book One  is on sale NOW!

Lisa Norris was the perfect kid—the same couldn’t be said of her brother. Drug addicted and crazed with greed, Kevin Norris shot their mother, father and younger brother in their opulent suburban L.A. home, leaving them for dead.

Apprehended in Las Vegas, Kevin proves smarter than the system by behaving psychotic to get a mental evaluation in the jail ward of the Los Angeles county hospital. Escaping custody, he eludes authorities during a five-state manhunt with one goal in mind: Eliminate Lisa so he will inherit the entire family fortune.

Afraid for her life, Lisa turns to Deanne Acuña, a private eye renowned for her sixth sense as well as her common sense. In an extraordinary show of courage and intuitive skills, the P.I. offers a safe haven for Lisa then sets out to track down Kevin Norris—a journey that will test her abilities and Lisa’s will to survive as she is stripped not only of family and friends but of her very identity. In order to protect the identities of the innocent and deny notoriety for the guilty, changes have been made in names, locales and dates in the INTUITIVE INVESTIGATOR series.

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